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Angie Manley

100 W Laurel Ave

Plentywood, MT 59254


Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm, Closed Weekends & Holidays

Senior Services

Senior Centers

Sheridan County boasts two official Senior Centers. Members meet regularly in their home communities for fun and fellowship and to discuss pertinent issues. The Golden Years Club is open several days per week, while the others meet each Thursday.

  • Golden Years Club in Plentywood 765-2034

  • Medicine Lake Senior Center 789-2360

Senior Centers

Legal Services

Senior citizens may have general legal questions relating to their health or medical treatment, residence, or business affairs. Limited legal advice and counseling by local attorney Steve Howard (765-1213) is available at no cost to the senior citizen for certain services, such as the creation of wills or PoAs. The Montana Legal Services Developer in the Office on Aging (800-332-2272) provides elder law training and resources for seniors, family members, and social outreach workers. The program also develops pro bono and local legal services referrals, training materials, and telephone assistance to seniors on related matters.

Legal Services

SMP (Senior Medical Patrol)

Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) volunteers empower and assist Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to prevent, detect, and report health care fraud, errors, and abuse. The SMP volunteer makes a determination about whether or not fraud, errors, or abuse is suspected. When fraud or abuse is suspected, they make referrals to the appropriate state and federal agencies for further investigation. If there are billing errors, the volunteer can help resolve the issue with the provider. Sheridan County’s SMP Volunteer is Mary Nyhus. Call Angie Manley at 765-3412 for a referral to her.

Blood Pressure Scrreenings

Blood Pressure Screenings

The Public Health nurse offers blood pressure checks On the 4th Thursday of the month at the following locations:

  • Dagmar Central: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • Pioneer Manor, Plentywood: 9:00 - 10:00 am

  • Medicine Lake Senior Center: 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Congregate Meals

Congregate Meals

Congregate Meals offer senior citizens nutritious meals as well as the opportunity to get out and socialize with others in their communities. Anyone over the age of 60 (or who has a spouse over the age of 60) is invited to come and enjoy. The suggested donation for these meals is $7.00 but is not required. There are three meal sites. Cafes serve five days per
week; GYC on T-Th only.

  • Dagmar: Dagmar Central 483-5217​

  • Medicine Lake: Honker Pit 789-2300

  • Plentywood: Golden Years Club 765-2034

Home Delivered Meals

Home Delivered Meals

Home Delivered Meals are available within city limits in Plentywood and Medicine Lake to people over the age of 60 (or who has a spouse over the age of 60), who is permanently or temporarily housebound due to illness or disability. A $7.00 suggested donation for these meals is requested, although no one can be turned away due to the inability to pay. People under age 60 who require home-delivered meals are also welcome, at regular current meal prices. For people outside of the service areas who would benefit from prepared meals, we may be able to arrange for frozen meals that meet our nutritional requirements to be delivered. Call Angie Manley at 765-3412 for more information.

Senior Commodities (*This program has been paused, under transition.)

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is a USDA food program that serves low-income senior citizens. Participants receive 60 pounds of food every other month, including items such as canned tuna, pork, beef stew, vegetables, fruit, evaporated milk, juices, cheese, cereal, pasta, egg mix, peanut butter, and non-refrigerated milk. Recipients must meet income criteria. 

Senior Commodities

Public Transportation

Quality Transit offers rides to the public as well as to Seniors. Rides are available on weekdays within Plentywood and weekly to and from Westby and Medicine Lake. Please try to call the day before to schedule a ride. For weekend rides, please call by 4:00 pm on Friday. Trips to Williston ND or Sidney MT for medical reasons are also scheduled throughout the month and are announced daily by KATQ Radio. There is a charge for out of county trips. Currently, individuals and businesses are asked for donations to help sponsor the program, but riders are not asked to pay for rides within Sheridan County.

Pubic Transportation
Respite Care

Respite Care

The Sheridan County Council on Aging contracts with local facilities to provide Respite Care to area families. Caregivers of
elderly people are often hard-pressed for time to see to their own needs. Respite Care workers from Sheridan Memorial can come into the patient’s home to provide personal care services during the day (18-20 hours per month), or the senior can spend the day at La Casa, up to five days per month.


If necessary, elderly patients may also spend up to three nights safely cared for at La Casa or Sheridan Memorial Nursing Home (depending on the level of care necessary) when their regular caregivers must be out of town.

Minimal fees are $5.00 per hour for in-home care, $20.00 per day for Adult Day Care, or $35.00 per night for hospital/nursing home stays. Call SMH Home Care at 765-3735 or LaCasa at 765-1669.

Nail Care

Sheridan County Aging Services has received a limited amount of funding to subsidize Nail Care Services performed by
Sheridan Memorial Hospital staff. Nail care will be provided by either nurses or by aides, depending on the recipient’s
needs. The funding will be available until spent out or until June 30, 2024. Call Karen Kurk, RN, at 765-3433 for details.

Nail Care

Senior Companions

Senior Companions touch the lives of adults who need extra assistance to live independently in their own homes or communities. Among other activities, they provide companionship to ease loneliness and social isolation. They serve frail older adults, adults with disabilities, those with terminal illnesses, and offer respite care for caregivers. They assist their clients in these basic ways:

  • Assisting with simple chores

  • Accompany clients to medical appointments

  • Adding richness to their clients’ lives


Senior Companions must be 55 years and older, must meet income guidelines, and pass a background check. Companions Receive:

  • Tax free stipend.

  • Mileage and meal reimbursement at State rate.

  • Paid vacation, holidays, and training.

  • Accident insurance

  • Recognition


Senior Companions can help clients on a short-term or a continuing basis.

Senior Companions
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