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Larry W. Jensen - Justice of the Peace
Melissa Evanson - Justice Court Clerk

100 W Laurel Ave

Plentywood, MT 59254


Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am to 3 pm, Closed Weekends & Holidays

What we do (and don’t do):

We address cases involving misdemeanor offenses (outside of city limits), civil cases for amounts up to $15,000, small claims valued up to $7,000, landlord/tenant disputes, county ordinances, forcible entry and detainer, protection orders, certain issues involving juveniles, and other matters. 


We are prevented by law to give legal advice.  The Montana Law Help website and the “Legal Resources” section of the Montana Bar Association website are helpful in understanding private civil matters.


Pay your ticket fines online! 


Filing a Civil Suit or Small Claims Suit:

The complaint can be filed with the Court in person or by mail.

Civil Suit

The defendant can be served anywhere in the state.

Small Claims

The defendant must be served in Sheridan County.


$50.00 Filing Fee + $60.00 Service Fee

$85.00 Writ of Execution Service Fee


Records Search:

$2.00 per every year you would like to search back

Online payments will not be available November 3rd -17th due to system maintenance.​

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